Webinar: Beyond Access: Exploring Equity in Early Childhood Development


This webinar features an introduction to the topic of equity in ECCD from Ivelina Borisova of UNICEF and a presentation of reporting findings from Lauren Pisani of Save the Children. A panel of IDELA partners discuss their IDELA use and learning.

Organizations: FSG, R4D, Save the Children
Date: June 5, 2018
Countries: Ethiopia, India, Serbia, USA


Learn more about the partners and studies featured in the webinar


Read the full report Beyond Access: Exploring Equity in Early Childhood Development.

For more information about IDELA use in Serbia with Results for Development, review their data visualization for a 2017 study. Go more in depth with the PIPE program implemented by FSG in India through a presentation of their work. You can also engage with data and learning from Ethiopia in numerous reports and data visualizations on the IDELA Resource page.