Brief Report

Equip Tanzania_The School Readiness Program


The Government of Tanzania and EQUIP-Tanzania through the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) created the School Readiness Programme (SRP) to provide quality pre-primary education to children marginalized by distance and Kiswahili language in a cost-efficient manner. An assessment was conducted to compare the early learning and development competencies of children attending School Readiness Centers and those with no access to an Early Childhood Education Intervention (ECEI).
The overall results show that children who had attended School Readiness Centers had substantially higher skill levels than those who had no access to an early childhood education intervention. As there is a growing positive effect of School Readiness Centers, the SRP program plans to explore how to further develop community involvement and build on teaching approaches that promote active learning.

Author: Equip Tanzania
Organization: EQUIP Tanzania
Date: February 8, 2022
Country: Tanzania