Enhancing O Class Quality for Greater Learning Outcomes


This presentation covers current understandings of early childhood development and summarizes Save the Children's work on early learning and ECD across multiple countries.

Author: Katy Anis, Ali Amente, Tizazu Asare
Organization: Save the Children
Date: June 7, 2016
Countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia


  • Emergent Literacy and Numeracy is a low-cost program that enhances the learning outcomes of children in O class.
  • Conducting Emergent Literacy and Numeracy at Home with parents of O class children is an extremely effective, but low cost way to boost children’s learning outcomes and school readiness, especially since getting ECD services to all children in Ethiopia will take time.
  • While the initial focus is to operationalize all O class, Ethiopia’s economy and learning outcomes will improve when pre-primary is offered to an earlier age group.