How to calculate scores for the four IDELA domains?

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    Fabiola Lara

    In regards to the score calculation methodology for 24 items that are part of IDELA assessment- if I have a dataset against 24 items, how do I calculate scores for Motor Skills, Socio-Emotional development, Emergent Literacy, and Emergent Mathematics?

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    Fabiola Lara

    Response from Jonathan Seiden, Learning Research Specialist:

    Currently, the methodology for creating domain-level and overall scores is quite simple.

    1) Calculate the %correct for each activity/task. Take the number of correct responses and dividing by the total possible. Note that some tasks are 0 and 1, whereas other tasks have different number of points possible. For example, for the Drawing a Triangle task, there are two items. For the first item (how many closed corners) a child can get up to 3 with possible scores 0, 1, 2, and 3, and for the second item (does it look like a triangle), the scores are 0 for incorrect and 1 for correct. So the total possible points for this task are 4.

    2) Calculate the Average % correct for each domain. Simply sum the % correct for each of the TASKS in the domain, and then divide by the number of tasks. So for the motor domain, you take (fold%correct + drawtriangle%correct + drawperson%correct + hopping%correct) / 4

    3) For the overall IDELA, simply take the average of all of the 4 core domain scores (Emergent Literacy, Emergent Numeracy, Motor, and Social-Emotional).

    Please note that there is a .do file if you plan to analyze data in Stata, and also an Excel template which will automatically calculate these scores for you. You can find them in the “Training, Data Collection and Analysis Resources” section of the “The IDELA Tool” page:

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    Jonathan Seiden

    We have detailed instructions for how to clean and analyze IDELA data here.

    In essence, each domain score (Emergent Numeracy, Emergent Literacy, Motor, and Social-Emotional) is calculated by the average percent correct for the tasks in each domain. So, in the Motor domain, if a child hopped 7/10 steps, drew 6/8 body parts, drew a good triangle with 3 sides and folded 1/4 folds, they would score 70% on Hopping, 75% on Drawing a Person, 100% on Drawing a Shape and 25% on Folding. The Motor score would be (70%+75%+100%+25%)/4= 67.5%. The Total IDELA score is simply the average for the four core domain scores.

    The Excel Template also automatically will calculate the scores based on the default IDELA assessment. You can access it here.

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    Sherrilee Le Mottee

    Hi, I working on a study on early childhood development and really interested in the use of the draw a person in IDELA, can you give me more information on how you are scoring it, please. Also your socio-emotional domain.
    thanks so much.
    Sherri Le Mottee

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    Hi Sherrilee, Thanks for joining the conversation.

    The directions used to score the “drawing a person” task are fairly detailed. We give young learners points for the level of detail they complete when drawing the person. More detail is found in the IDELA administration guide, which is available to IDELA partners.

    Becoming an IDELA partner is free, and requires the completion of our MOU. You can learn more about the MOU, or complete it, here.

    For social emotional tasks, we ask young children to talk about emotional awareness, empathy, self awareness, solving conflict and their relationships with peers. This is done through discussion scenarios and pictures. For more detail, feel free to complete the MOU and gain access to the full IDELA tool, or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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