Case Study

The Impacts of Teacher Training and Parental Education on ECD Quality in Ghana

Improving ECD Instruction in Ghanaian Preschools


Innovations for Poverty Actions (IPA) has used IDELA to evaluate Quality Preschool for Ghana's (QP4G) teacher training programs. QP4G's programming aims to provide teachers with the training they need to successfully execute Ghana's national Early Childhood Development (ECD) curriculum and adequately prepare students for primary school. IDELA partnered with New York University and the University of Pennsylvania to demonstrate that teachers' ability to run effective ECD programs improved markedly, as did their students' school readiness, including their early literacy, early numeracy and social-emotional skills. Further use of IDELA has proven the longevity of these results. The Ghanaian government's effort to expand ECD programming has resulted in one of the highest rates of preschool enrollment in the region, but they have struggled to improve the quality of their preschools. QP4G's IDELA results have provided a road map to achieving this goal.

Author: Innovations for Poverty Action
Organization: Innovations for Poverty Action
Date: August 7, 2018
Country: Ghana