Case Study

Rising Academies Works to Close the ECD Gender Gap for Girls in Liberia

Addressing Gender Inequality Through ECD in Schools


Rising Academies Network's (RAN) use of IDELA evaluations in 29 Liberian schools helped expose the significant and consistent gender gap in the abilities of children entering primary school. Studies show that this gap often only grows over time, resulting in major educational disparities between Liberian men and women. RAN intends to close this gap by addressing the early inequities that form the basis for later inequality. IDELA data exposed the areas in which girls fall behind in Early Childhood Development (ECD), opening the door to targeted reforms. A second year of evaluations has already revealed a shrinking gap in boys' and girls' performance in RAN's Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL).

Author: Rising Academy Partnership Schools
Organization: Rising Academy Partnership Schools
Date: August 7, 2018
Country: Liberia