Ready Set Go!

Using the IDELA instrument in a comprehensive ECD intervention targeting marginalized Roma children in Romania


This baseline study used IDELA to evaluate a group of Roma children involved in the Ready Set Go program, a group not involved in the program, and a comparison group of non-Roma children from the same geographic area.

Organizations: Roma Education Fund, World Bank
Date: March 6, 2017
Country: Romania

The Ready-Set-Go Project (RSG), implemented by the Roma Education Fund Romania (REF Romania) and funded by the Norway Grants, is working to address the early learning gap for Roma children. This project became effective in February 2015, with the objective of improving the early childhood development outcomes of Roma children in 11 communities in Romania through April 2017. RSG activities include:

  1. Expanding access to quality pre-school education through small-scale infrastructure investments, provision of furniture and pedagogic materials to renovated preschools, establishment of a toy library network, pre-enrolment support through outreach, transportation, and food coupons;
  2. Quality ECD programs for children living in marginalized communities through hiring pre-school staff and providing training and mentoring on inclusive education, involving Roma parents in pre-school activities;
  3. Improving ECD parenting skills through community motivation events for awareness raising on parenting practices, literacy for empowerment of mothers (Your Story);
  4. Communication and advocacy, dissemination of results; and
  5. Monitoring and evaluation.

A key program element under the Bank’s support on M&E is the development and analysis of baseline and endline program data, so as to explore the impact of RSG activities on beneficiary households and their children.