IDELA: leveraging child-centred evidence to change policy, practice and investment

An article from the 2018 Bernard van Leer Foundation Early Childhood Matters Report

Early Childhood Matters

Learn how IDELA users leverage child-centered evidence to change policy, practice and investment and what research experts have learned about early childhood development programming across varied contexts.

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Author: Sara Poehlman, Amy Jo Dowd, Lauren Pisani
Organization: Save the Children
Date: June 28, 2018
Country: Global


IDELA: Levering Child-centered Evidence to Change Policy, Practice and Investment¬†highlights IDELA’s strength in gathering meaningful, rigorous data and gives numerous examples of the value of that data to influence policy and programming. Authors Sara Poehlman, Amy Jo Dowd and Lauren Pisani note that IDELA has a key role to play in contexts with both high and low ECD coverage by identifying gaps in service provision or by evaluating alternative pre-primary education opportunities.