Endline Learning from Parents and Children in Camp and non-Camp Settings in Iraq

Between September 2018 to August 2019, Save the Children received funding from BPRM to implement a project ‘’Strengthening the protective environment for affected children, families and communities through increased access to quality education and child protection services’’ which included both education and child protection services for conflict-affected children. Education related activities focused on early and pre-primary education in Dohuk, Ninewa and Diyala governorates. For ECCD specifically, the project aimed at increasing access to quality ECCD services for 210 conflict-affected children living in Sinuni district (Ninewa), Domiz 2 and Gawilan refugee camps (Dohuk) and Khanaqin district (Diyala). The study saw positive gains in the children's learning and development.

Author: Dastan Hamakareem and Lawrence Okello
Organization: Save the Children
Date: September 30, 2019
Country: Iraq