Book Chapter

Early Learning and Development at the Bottom of the Pyramid

IDELA data sheds light on improving ECD interventions and reaching SDG 4 for the most marginalized children

Learning at the bottom of the pyramid: Science, measurement, and policy in low-income countries

This chapter examines the skills and abilities of young children in the most disadvantaged communities in low income countries through the lens of IDELA data. It emphasizes the need to move away from national averages in order to understand the ECD landscape for children at the bottom of the pyramid and for researchers to use a multi dimensional tool, like IDELA, in order to gain a rich view of early childhood development that incorporates not only math literacy and numeracy skills, but also social emotional learning, motor development, and executive function skills. It concludes that work towards SDG 4 provides an unprecedented opportunity for gains in early childhood development and proven, rigorous tools like IDELA will help governments and policy makers achieve these improvements.

Author: Amy Jo Dowd and Lauren Pisani
Date: April 1, 2018
Country: Global