Solomon Islands Baseline Study Examines Child Development and Caregiver Knowledge in Pre-primary Years

A look into caregiving, classrooms and child development in four provinces


This baseline study provides an overview of young children’s skills and development in four provinces in the Solomon Islands. Save the Children’s International Development and Early Learning Assessment (IDELA) tool was used to measure child development and learning, the IDELA Caregiver Questionnaire was used to interview parents/caregivers, and we piloted the IDELA Classroom Environment tool to measure ECD classroom quality. Across the four provinces, a total of 299 children between 3 and 6 years old and 279 caregivers were selected from all Save the Children ECD centres. The main purpose of this analysis was to investigate the status of caregiver knowledge and behaviors related to early development, care and learning, as well as the status of children’s development as they prepare for school. The results of the study provide interesting insight into child development differences by age, possible improvements to classrooms, and the levels of caregiver education based on gender and location.

Author: Pamela Mendoza and Catherine Johnston
Organization: Save the Children
Date: August 1, 2018
Country: Solomon Islands