Understanding Access and Quality in Kosovo’s Early Childhood Education Centers

Results from baseline and endline studies

In 2018 and 2019 Save the Children Kosovo implemented Improving Access and Quality to Early Childhood Care and Development with 1500 children. Earlier research by the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology found that participation in ECE did not translate into better performance in school for children. This program and subsequent study looked to better understand quality in these ECE centers.

The study sample included 385 children across 10 ECCD centers in eight Kosovo municipalities.

As a result of the findings, Save the Children Kosovo is working with ECCD educators to target specific areas where children struggled the most. It is also making recommendations to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology about integrating more literacy messages into existing curricula. Finally, potential for future improvement can also focus on the home environment, where parents can engage children in learning activities.

Author: Rrita Limaj
Organization: Save the Children
Date: January 17, 2020
Country: Kosovo