Using Translated IDELA in KoBo or Tangerine

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    Sarah Strader

    How easy is it to use a translated version of IDELA in a tablet-based app like KoBo or Tangerine? We will be using a version that includes instructions to the child in local language, and instructions to the assessor in French. Thanks!

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    Jonathan Seiden

    Hi Sarah,

    I’d recommend using KoBo over Tangerine for administering IDELA. The XLSForm that is available here is easily adaptable is already optimized for use in KoBo. We may be updating those templates to a more user-friendly version, but they work perfectly fine as-is. XLS forms make adding additional languages very easy as you just have to translate the “labels” for questions and choice answers.

    It’s quite common to have the instructions in a colonial language and then the child-facing language in a local language. Just ensure you translate the words in **bold** into local language.

    If you make a French version in XLSForm, we’d love for you to share the final version so that others can use it in the future.

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    Sarah Strader

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks so much for this tip! How easy is KoBo to program for someone that has never done software programming before?



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    Jonathan Seiden

    Hi Sarah,

    There are a lot of good tutorials on KoBo online. The official channel is here (with lots of great quick tips):

    There are some longer videos online as well. But with IDELA, it’s pretty easy, because the XLSForm is already built, and you just have to add the translations into each question!

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