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    Frannie Noble

    We recently received this question from an IDELA User:

    Can you please advise the proportion of parents to be assessed? In case of children we are doing a census among all children attending ECCDs, approximately 120 children. Do we need a census for parents as well, or there is a proportional sampling intended in IDELA assessment methodology?

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    Frannie Noble

    Our Save the Children Research Specialist, Jonathan Seiden, replied:

    I would say it depends on your research questions. What are you trying to answer by collecting this data? Having said that, 120 is a pretty small sample, so I would probably recommend doing a full census of them.

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    Frannie Noble

    Lauren Pisani, a Research Advisor with Save the Children, also replied:

    Ideally we want the children and parents to be a 1-to-1 match. So for each child, you assess one caregiver. This allows you to look at many different aspects of equity in your analysis.

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