Fishbowl Webinar: Engaging Parents and Government

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    Frannie Noble

    What are some of the challenges you have encountered engaging parents and how have you tried to minimize them?

    What approach did you take to get the government or the local people to work with you to implement IDELA’s training?

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    Sarah Strader

    With regard to engaging parents, we find that parents are very interested in how to support their child’s development. That said, parents have limited time and resources to devote to new activities. To make it easy for parents to engage, we offer simple ways to get involved, like telling stories with children at home. To attract parents to support the community preschool, we have found that they are very motivated by the gains their children make in preschool, so we create opportunities for them to see their children’s progress.

    With respect to local government, we worked closely with local inspectors, who seek ways to boost quality early education in their districts. We position ourselves as partners in increasing access, trying out new approaches, and sharing learning. IDELA was a perfect tool for us to do that, so our government counterparts were favorable to our doing the training and assessment.

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