Finding an appropriate place for an assessment

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    This question comes from our recent IDELA webinar about Translation and Adaptation.

    Most of the schools I work with don’t have adequate quite space to conduct the assessment so it becomes challenging for questions where you want kids to listen to you and answer. How do you make sure that data is not compromised? Annie Sidotam Godrej Foundation for Education

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    Fabiola Lara

    This not an uncommon question and challenge. Almost all schools or ECD groups have challenges with finding adequate spaces, especially quiet ones, for when assessing young children. A key tip would be to first make sure that there is someone on your team that can get a sense of the space (school, center, etc.) days prior to field testing in order to better understand how children and enumerators will be seated during the assessment. This person should also be present during field testing and assist enumerators on where to sit with children. Depending on the availability of space, children can sit with the enumerator under a tree, in the principal’s office, in a general meeting area for teachers, hallways, or any other extra areas that can offer some level of silence – even if complete silence is not guaranteed.

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