Costs and dates of training for Enumerators

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    Adiel Claassen


    What are the costs involved in training of Enumerators? And on a practical level how does this look? I am based in Pretoria, South Africa. Do you need one person who does the training and then they explain it to more data capturers, does everyone who does the data capturing need to be trained?

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    Fabiola Lara

    Hi Adiel, great question. If you require TA support for the training of enumerators, please feel free to reach out to us with the timeline for your project and we would be happy to share costs related to providing that support.

    In terms of the training, it can be carried out in two ways: there can be a trainer of enumerators training (who will then cascade the training to actual data collectors) or a training of enumerators directly.

    Depending on the size of either training, one or two people can facilitate the training – ideally two people to ensure adequate support and mentoring to enumerators. Essentially, anyone collecting data (such as an enumerator/data collector) needs to receive the full training before collecting any data in the field to ensure reliable data.

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