New IDELA Data Sets Released


New Data Visualizations Offer Insight Into More Than 3,250 children

In February 2018 a wealth of data sets went live on the IDELA website. These data sets represent a variety of countries including Jordan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Serbia, Vietnam and Rwanda. They cover more than 3,250 children and give us detailed insight into the age, gender, home learning environment and socio-economic status of young learners.

To take a look at the 48 data sets available currently on the IDELA website, visit our Resources page.

Save the Children and IDELA use data visualizations to give greater visual insight into IDELA data. Our team of research specialists reviews partner data and puts it into our visualization template for the public the access. If you’re interested in learning more about the work of a particular IDELA partner, a link to additional content is available on each page.