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To review the standard MOU before proceeding, please click here: Memorandum of Understanding

The form below takes the standard IDELA MOU and adds in your particular information to create a customized MOU.

  1. Complete the fields list below.

   2. Upload a Study Annex. The annex should NOT be a copy of a submitted proposal. The Study Annex should include the following:

  • How did you learn about IDELA?
  • What program or project are you assessing? What type of study or research are you conducting?
  • Are you working with any other organizations to complete the data collection?
  • Do you plan to do a new translation or adaptation of IDELA for cultural or linguistic context?
  • Are you submitting your study/evaluation to any type of ethics review committee?
  • Number of children to be assessed as part of your study
  • Please provide the estimated dates when you will do baseline, midline and/or endline data collection.

3. The website will generate a draft MOU. You will have the opportunity to review, edit and sign the MOU before it is sent to IDELA staff.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.