MOU Form

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To review the standard MOU before proceeding, please click here: Memorandum of Understanding

The form below takes the standard IDELA MOU and adds in your particular information to create a customized MOU.

Note: We recently had issues with some questions on the form. These are now resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  1. Complete the fields list below.
  2. Upload a Study Annex. The Study Annex should include the following:
    • Your description of why your organization is interested in IDELA, and your intended use of the tool
    • If a study is planned, please provide:
      • Study design
      • Timeline
      • Number of participants
      • Languages you plan to work in
      • If IDELA has not been translated into one of the languages you need, do you plan to complete a new translation?
    • If you plan to partner with any other organizations or train any other organizations during your study, and the names of the organizations
    • Any products (briefer, article, report, presentation, data, multimedia etc.) that you anticipate producing as part of your work, study or interest. Please provide the type of product and estimated date of completion.
  3. The website will generate a draft MOU. You will have the opportunity to review, edit and sign the MOU before it is sent to IDELA staff.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.