Services Offered

Services Offered to Support Your Use of IDELA

The IDELA toolkit facilitates partners’ independent use of the tool, but we understand that additional support may be needed at times. Save the Children offers IDELA-related assistance to partner organizations and Save the Children country offices.


IDELA Trainings are done in-person and led by Save the Children IDELA staff. Partners often ask Save the Children for support for a number of reasons: quality assurance, capacity of local staff, or time factors. Save the Children is happy to support national, regional or headquarter offices with training of staff, data collectors, or monitoring and evaluation staff.

Cost associated with training can vary due to location and travel costs. Approximate total costs will include:

  • 5 days training + 3 days preparation * 1 trainer’s time
  • 1 round trip airline ticket (from Eastern US or East Africa)
  • 1 accommodation x 7 days
  • 1 per diem x 7 days
  • NICRA (Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement) cost on total above

Please email [email protected] to learn more about training costs.

Data Analysis and Report Writing

Data analysis and report writing can be time consuming and challenging. Our staff are experts in analyzing IDELA data, report writing, and delivering a product that is of the highest quality for program improvements and advocacy.

The length of time needed for these tasks depends on the complexity of the data and the depth and details requested in the report. Costs associated with these services include the daily rate of the researcher and the NICRA.

As an example of approximate costs, an analysis of baseline data with a summary PowerPoint report (click here for example) could take 8 days (in US $).

  • 1 researcher x 8 days

A longitudinal analysis that involved merging child datasets and caregiver-reported information and writing a full report (click here for an example) could take 15 days (in US $)

  • 1 researcher x 15 days

Prices will vary according to specific needs. To discuss your project requirements, deliverables and timelines please email [email protected]

Data Sharing

The data collected using IDELA is meant to further our understanding of early childhood development. If you would like to access IDELA data for your own research, we would be happy to help.

Save the Children has access to dozens of anonymized data sets from IDELA data collection in more than 30 countries. We can facilitate access to this data or link you to an IDELA partner who can share their data (we do not share partner data directly).

Please reach out to [email protected] for more information about IDELA data sharing.