Quality Measurement of the Institutional Modality of Early Childhood Education in Colombia

Education Policy Notes

This article was co-written by a group of early childhood education (ECE) experts, including a number of IDELA users. Carolina Maldonado-Carreño at Universidad de los Andes has piloted the use of IDELA in Colombia. Tatiana Plata-Caviedes, also of Universidad de los Andes, used IDELA is her study of the Semillas de Apego program. Hirokazu Yoshikawa of NYU Global TIES for Children has used IDELA is a number of studies, including some in Bangladesh and Lebanon, in partnership with Innovations for Poverty Action and International Rescue Committee, respectively.

This article highlights Colombia's effort to improve ECE and measure quality changes over time. It includes the results of its study, policy recommendations, and is a strong example of IDELA adaptation to a particular context and need.

Author: Carolina Maldonado-Carreño, Catalina Rey Guerra, Jorge Cuartas, Tatiana Plata-Caviedes, Jesús J. Rodríguez De Luque, Eduardo Escallón Largacha, Hirokazu Yoshikawa
Organization: Universidad de los Andes
Date: June 1, 2018
Country: Colombia