Improving accountability for improved access to quality, inclusive ECD

A comprehensive baseline report from ChildFund


ChildFund works to provide increase access to inclusive and child friendly Early Childhood Development (ECD) through greater capacity of Local Authorities (LAs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and enhanced collaboration, with tangible impacts on policy making, resource allocation and the quality of service delivery. The project is targeting improvement in 54 ECD centers within 28 villages in 3 districts. There are two implementing partners; Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Madani (LPMM) and Sumba Integrated Development (SID).
Integrated Development (SID).

The data for this baseline report was collected in the Bahasa language and includes data from 328 children in 30 villages of Kupang District, East Sumba District, and Southwest Sumba District in NTT Province.

Author: Syifa Andina
Organization: ChildFund
Date: December 1, 2018
Country: Indonesia