Improvement to Access and Quality of ECCD seen for Roma Children in Albania


This study provides an overview of young children’s skills and development in four Kindergartens in Elbasan and Fier. The study was conducted as part of a project to improve access and quality of ECCE for Roma children. By the endline assessment, children presented significantly higher IDELA scores, with more children “mastering” certain skills and lower proportions in “struggling” s compared to the baseline assessment in 2017. (The definitions of mastering and struggling are defined by the study authors, not by IDELA). Moreover, the analysis shows a general increase (especially for 2019) in the interactions of caregivers with their children at home, which could be a consequence of the parenting education activities and the parental awareness raising sessions conducted by the project.

Author: Save the Children Albania
Date: November 1, 2019
Country: Albania