IDELA Data from ECD Equity Study in Italy

Italy | 2019 | Save the Children

This dataset includes data from 637 children studying in preschools in 11 cities across Italy. Children were purposively sampled to include those from low socio-economic status backgrounds. All children were four years old. This data was collected as part of an equity study by Save the Children Italy to investigate the relationship of children's developmental status with SES, migration, and citizenship status.

Explore the Data: IDELA Domains and Equity

IDELA Domains and Equity

Average learning and development scores in IDELA domains

On average, children scored 44% correct on the IDELA assessment.

Distribution of total IDELA scores

The distribution of scores was highly normal, with very few children scoring extremely low or high on the assessment.

Distribution of children’s gender

52% of children in the sample were boys, and 48% of children in the sample were girls.

Average Total IDELA score by child’s gender

Boys scored slightly but significantly higher than girls on the overall IDELA score. The largest difference was on the Motor domain, where boys scored 10 percentage points higher than girls on average.