Fabretto uses IDELA for Baseline ECCD Insight in Nicaragua

Nicaragua | 2018 | Fabretto

This dataset includes data from 418 children in two schools in the Somoto and Esteli cities of Nicaragua. The average age of children was 5.6 years old. Fabretto works to empower children and families living in poverty in Nicaragua through education. Fabretto collected this data as a baseline for understanding the development of children in two partner schools.

Explore the Data: IDELA Domains

IDELA Domains

Average learning and development scores in IDELA domains

On average, children scored 72% correct on the IDELA assessment.

Distribution of Total IDELA scores

Most children scored between 50 and 90% correct, with no children scoring less than 30%.

Distribution of children’s ages

Most children in the sample were 6 years old.

Average IDELA scores by child’s age

On average, one additional year was associated with an additional 18 percentage points correct in overall IDELA score.

Distribution of children’s gender

54% of children in the sample were female. There were no significant differences in performance on IDELA by gender.