ECD Baseline Assessment of HEART and ELM Programming in Malawi

Malawi | 2015 | Save the Children

This dataset includes data from 553 children in the Zomba District of Malawi. The average age of children was 4.8. This data was collected in 2015 as a part of a baseline assessment of an implementation of Save the Children's Healing through the Arts (HEART) program and Early Literacy & Math (ELM) program in 40 Community Based Childcare Centers.

Explore the Data: IDELA Domains

IDELA Domains

Average learning and development scores in IDELA domains

On average, children scored 36% correct on the IDELA assessment.

Distribution of Total IDELA scores

While some children showed mastery of early learning and development skills, half of all children scored between 21-40% correct.

Distribution of children’s ages

Most children in the sample were five years old.

Average IDELA scores by child’s age

On average, one additional year of age was associated with an additional eight percentage points correct in overall IDELA score.

Distribution of children’s gender

53% of children in the sample were female. There were no significant differences in scores by gender.