Early Childhood Data from Community ECD Programs in the Philippines

Philippines | 2016 | Save the Children

This dataset includes data from 435 children in Alabel, Malungon, Maitum, and Sarangani provinces in the Philippines. Data was collected in 62 public alternative ECD delivery modes, daycare centers, and elementary schools from August to November 2016 as a part of a study of Save the Children's Sponsorship program. The average age of children was 4.4.

Explore the Data: IDELA Domains

IDELA Domains

Average learning and development scores in IDELA domains

On average, children scored 57% correct on the IDELA assessment.

Distribution of Total IDELA scores

A fairly large number of children demonstrated a high level of early learning and development, with 61-70% being the most common score range. However, nearly one in three children scored below 50% correct.

Distribution of children’s ages

Most children in the sample were four or five years old.

Average IDELA scores by child’s age

Overall IDELA scores were significantly and strongly associated with age. On average, one additional year of age was associated with an additional 10 percentage points correct in overall IDELA score.

Distribution of children’s gender

54% of children in the sample were female.

Average Total IDELA score by child’s gender

Girls scored significantly higher than boys. On average, girls scored 4 percentage points higher than boys.