Baseline Child Development Study from Refugee Camps in Ethiopia

Ethiopia | 2017 | Save the Children

This sample includes data from 316 children living in the Jewi, Pugnido and Teirkidi refugee camps in Gambela, Ethiopia. These data were collected as part of a baseline study funded by the UBS Optimus Foundation. On average, children were 5.5 years old.

Explore the Data: IDELA Domains and Equity

IDELA Domains and Equity

Average learning and development scores in IDELA domains

On average, children scored 55% correct on the IDELA assessment.

Distribution of total IDELA scores

There was a large range in children’s score, but the most common score was 61-70% correct.

Distribution of children’s ages

Most children in the sample were 5 or 6 years old..

Average IDELA scores by child’s age

On average, one additional year was associated with an additional 7 percentage points correct in overall IDELA score.

Distribution of children’s gender

52% of children in the sample were female.

Average Total IDELA score by child’s gender

Boys displayed significantly stronger skills on the overall IDELA score than girls by 4 percentage points.