Can we use IDELA as a guide for developing ECD materials?

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    Fabiola Lara

    Jonathan Seiden, Senior Research Specialist, replied:

    I would recommend against using IDELA as guidelines for materials development. The goal of IDELA is to measure “early learning and development” – it is not a formative assessment. We want to avoid “teaching to the test.” Instead, we hope that a high-quality ECCD program would lead to an improvement of IDELA, but we don’t want to bias the results by specifically designing our curriculum around the test.

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    Nivida Chandra


    I agree entirely with Jonathan. IDELA is not a test or examination. The aim is not for the children to “score well” but to come to realize how they’re developing and learning. We had faced this problem in Delhi (India) where the teachers wanted to note the items and make sure their students did well on the test – they felt the students’ “performance” to be an indication of their own teaching abilities. We allayed their fears by sharing what Jonathan has said, and I reiterate – it is not a test to be aced. We gained several fantastic insights about the children’s understanding of items and about cultural nuances, by keeping this is in our own minds and sharing this with the principals, teachers, parents and the children themselves sometimes.

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