Assessments for Older Children

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    Frannie Noble

    I’d like to know if there are any tools to assess ECCD of a child at the age of 10. It would be used to test the impact of ECCD on older children.

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    Lauren Pisani

    If you’re interested in assessing the long-term impact of ECCD once children have entered primary school, you can consider using international or locally developed assessments of children’s learning and development skills appropriate for this age group. For example, you could collect records of children’s pass rates on assessments used in primary schools in your area, or administer assessments developed by local organizations for this purpose. In addition, international tools such as EGRA and EGMA or regional tools are commonly used to assess children’s reading and math skills in various contexts. Assessments of non-academic skills (e.g., social-emotional skills) are less common but still available. International tools such as ISELA and SDQ measure children’s social-emotional development, or you could work with local experts to develop something appropriate for your context.

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